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Peter Robinson
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Bird Expert, Bird Litigation Expert & Defence Expert Witness

Criminal and Civil Work

  • Bird expert; courtroom, including legally aided cases and single joint expert; mostly in respect of Bird Protection or Bird Conservation issues, including both wild and captive birds.

  • Criminal courtroom expert experience in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - Magistrates and Crown Courts, High Court, Sheriffs Court.

  • Former RSPB bird expert, head of investigations prosecutor; Fellow and former Principal of the Institute of Professional Investigators.

  • Currently listed in UK Register of Expert Witnesses. Formerly listed Sweet & Maxwell Expert Witness Directory and Law Society of Scotland Expert Witness Directory.

  • Scope of legislation covered includes Wildlife and Countryside Act and all supplementary regulations, Orders and Open Licences, Protection of Animals Act and supplementary legislation, CITES trade controls and all related legislation.

  • Bird expert services include examination of all evidence as supplied by client solicitor, preparation of full written Expert Report and any subsequent court appearances.

  • Written bird expert report will assess the quality and relevance of any ornithological or other specialised evidence involved and outline the extent and relevance of this complex and often poorly understood legislation, depending upon the facts of the case, including:-
    i) Identification of bird(s) involved to species and perhaps sub-species level, plus Age, Sex and UK, European or World range,

    ii) Species Biology, Population Size and Range (where relevant) and any relevant Legislative or Conservation Status,

    iii) Identification of Bird Parts, Derivatives or Remains,

    iv) Assessing the Possession Status of Captive Birds as either Captive Bred or Wild Caught and commenting on their physical and biological condition, e.g. alleged Wild Behaviour,

    v) Alleged Possession of Trapped Wild Birds, plus examination of any bird Cages, Bird Traps or Trapping Equipment and commenting on their legality or suitability,

    vi) Feather Identification to at least species level,

    vii) Taking or Possessing Wild Birds’ Eggs and the Identification of Birds’ Eggs, to species level,including non-UK and non-European sources,

    viii) Disturbing Wild Birds, including unlicensed Nest Photography of Rare Breeding Birds,

    ix) Predation and Predatory Bird Issues,

    x) Falconry and other issues involving Captive Birds of Prey and Owls,

    xi) use of Metal Close Rings and Split Rings on captive birds throughout the UK and Europe, including allegations of Illegal Ring Tampering, plus use of other marking devices on both Captive Birds and Wild Birds, plus Scientific Bird Ringing (bird banding),

    xii) Game Birds and Game Bird Management issues,

    xiii) Shooting and other Destructive Methods involving wild birds, e.g. Pole Traps or other Spring and similar Traps,

    xiv) Welfare and Behaviour of Captive Birds,

    xv) UK, European and World CITES trade controls, including import or export.

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